Simultaneous translation to foreign languages

Translation mode is activated by pressing the +translation button in the VoiceNotebook UI. If the Simultaneous translation checkbox is checked, then voice typing will be translated “in the fly” from the source into the target language.
translation module

You can use translation mode together with the transription mode. In this case you can, for example, listen the video in the foreign language, and see its transcription in your native language.

Checking the Transfer to clipboard or OS integration check boxes in translation mode now leads to writing the translated phrase rather than its source. That means that we can now, for example, post articles in foreign languages by voice. To simplify starting this mode you can use prepared URL with parameters:, which includes the settings for simultaneous translation, transfer to clipboard, OS integration mode, and has the languages set to translate from source into target. The code of the speech input language passed in the pagelang parameter and the code of the target language passed in the perlang parameter (en-US and fr in this example).

In order to improve control over input in this mode, the source text in not deleted from the output field (which is what happens in ordinary transfer to clipboard or integration mode).

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