1. Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Getting started
  4. Controls
  5. General settings
  6. Premium mode
  7. Troubleshooting


To use Text to Speech functionality you must have some TTS engine installed in your phone. We recommend Google TTS engine. You need also install voice data for the selected language to work without Internet connection. Before using TTS, check in TTS settings that you set the appropriate language.


Go to the page of the SRT Speaker on Google play and install it.

Getting started

To start working, open your subtitle file with SRT Speaker (for example: use open with in the context menu of google drive) and press Play button.


The main window of the application

Radio buttons are used to switch between Subtitles,Trace and Errors windows.
If Read from cursor switch is set the reading will start from the subtitle closest to cursor position in the main window.
If Save to file switch is set App will generate wav file instead of speaking subtitles.
Play button start or stop reading subtitles or generate wav file.
You can rename your subtitle task by pressing the Main window title or using the upper right menu in the main window.

Navigation drawer

Send item - send subtitles text from the main window to selected destination.
Paste item - paste the clipboard text after the cursor position in the main window.
Delete item - clear subtitle task: delete text from Subtitles, Trace and Errors windows and set the default task name.
General settings - open App settings window.
TTS settings - open system TTS settings.
Upgrade to Premium - start the Purchase Premium workflow.
Help - open Help window.
About - open About actitity.

General settings

General settings

If the Use sd cart to assembly file switch is set than the wav files will be generated in App directory in the sd cart. If the switch is not set than wav files will be generated in the App folder in the Android document folder.

If the Disable sleep mode switch is set than the main App window never go to sleep despite the system settings.

Premium mode

Premium mode removes the limit of number of subtitles that can be processed in each srt file.


When working simultaneously on several devices, the upgrade to the premium on one device does not immediately synchronize to others - wait until the cache of the google play market application is updated (usually for 24 hours) or reinstall App on the second device.

If you have the questions about App, please contact the developer and we'll try to resolve your issue.