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The application reads the subtitles or writes audio to the file according to the SRT or VTT markup of the subtitle file. The resulting audio file (uncompressed with caf extension or compressed with m4a extension) can be used to create an audio track in the desired language for movies (Automatic Voice Over).


The application works on iPhone and iPad devices with OS version 15 or higher, as well as on MAC devices with Catalyst version or later. To translate text to speech, the application uses the TTS voices of your device, a list of which can be viewed in Device Settings - Accessibility - Spoken Content - Voices.


Go to the page of the SRT Speaker on App Store and install it.

Getting started

To get started, import the subtitle file using the Import item from the top left menu of the SRT Speaker main window. You can also simply copy the subtitle file to the Source subfolder of the srtspeaker folder on your device.
Go to the settings page (Tools icon in the upper right corner of SRT Speaker) and select the Voice you need. Set the desired speed for normal playback.
Go to the main screen of the application. Choose whether you want to listen to the subtitles or save the sound in an audio file and click on the Play button.
During the playback of subtitles or recording to a file, you can click on the Logs switch and see the progress in completing the task.


When voicing a subtitle, the actual reading time may be longer than in its markup. If the real time of the end of the subtitle is greater than the start time of the next subtitle, then subtitle overlap. In this case, the next subtitle must be shifted by the overlap time. If the next subtitle does not fit again, then the next subtitle has to be shifted again.

To combat late subtitles in Premium mode, there is a Acceleration setting. This setting allows you to automatically increase the speech rate in the range from normal to maximum. As soon as there is an overlap, the acceleration of speech is turned on and the voice acting is synchronized with the markup.

In Premium mode, there is also a Double Pass option. When this option is enabled, overlaps are predicted in advance and the speech rate is increased up front. The Double Pass option works only in audio file generation mode.

Without Premium mode, for uninterrupted voice acting, there is an option Skipping subtitles. The subtitle is skipped if the overlap time is greater than the allowed value.


There is no voice in the list of available languages, although it is in Device Settings - Accessibility - Spoken Content - Voices.
Check that the voice has been downloaded. In addition, some voices cannot be used in the Application.

If you have the questions about App, please contact the developer and we'll try to resolve your issue.