Pronunciation checker

This tools allows you to check your pronunciation in a foreign language.
If your language is missed in the list please sign up and add it to the program.
You can listen the correct speech either by importing audio, or by using the internal TTS reader.
You can check your own utterance with the help of the Google speech recognition engine or simply by recording and playing back your voice.
The tools shows the confidence level of recognition and the closest variants of the spoken sentences.
You can compare the text of recognized phrases and the text of original phrases by clicking Compare to Text-to-speech field.
All the features will work correctly only in Google Chrome!
Here is a Video lesson showing how to use this tools. See this blog article for the advanced help.

You can use Chrome Pronunciation checker application for easy start this program in a new independent window.

Get also your score in the pronunciation test.

Android version of the utility Get it on Google Play Go to the site of Prononce for Android.

iOS version of the utility Get it on App Store Go to the site of Prononce for iOS.

Maximum number of alternatives
Maximum recording and recognition time in seconds

TTS and Audio Rate