Voice Notebook Tutorial

Video Lessons

Speech based input in voice notebook

The first step of using the service.

Common mistakes in voice typing

Using the voice notebook Chrome extension

Voice input to the system clipboard

Direct speech input in Windows and Linux

Windows integration short demo

Setup the Windows integration mode

Linux integration demo

Install direct speech input in Ubuntu using Linux integration module

Using Chrome shorcuts and query string parameters in integration mode

Transcribing audio files

Transcribe Youtube clip. Use time stamps to edit the transcription.

Common mistakes in transcribing audio

Batch mode in transcribing audio and video files

Using the Voicenotebook.com user account

Customizing voice notebook UI, set voice commands

Adding new speech languages, making a replacement list, saving texts

Pronunciation checker

Check your pronunciation with the help of speech recognition

The features


Can voice notebook works offline?
No, our service uses Google back-end servers to provide speech recognition.
This is my first visit - I press "Start recording" and nothing happened!
When you press this button first time, Chrome shows the small popup:

allowing to use microphone

Press "Allow" button here, and then you could use microphone on the Speechpad.pw site.
I press "Start recording" and speak to the microphone but I can not see my speech.
Look at the "Confidence level" field - it shows the last error if such error exists.

showing errors

For example "error: no speech" appears if the microphone does not works in Chrome, "error: networks" - when there is not internet connection, "error: blocked" - when you have pressed the "Block" button (see the previous question).
See Speech input errors for mor information.
How I can transcribe audio - I have loaded audio file into the player and press "Start recording" button, but nothing happened?
You must put your microphone in front of your speakers to provide audio from speakers passing to your microphone, or you can use stereo mixer or virtual cable for this purpose.
How to start voice notebook on Top of other windows?
This depends of your opeating system, see blog fore more information.
Can you give a list of voice commands, replacing yourself some useful keyboard functions?
Please read this explanation.