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01.02.2016. Google replaces now the main punctuation marks automatically for most languages (.,?! and “new line”). So, you can simply dictate these marks on your language.

Punctuation by voice is in English by default. If you are inputting text in another language, then the punctuation will not work correctly. But you can easily implement punctuation by voice for your language with the help of the Terms page (https://voicenotebook.com/words.php, available logged in users). The picture bellow shows an example of implementing punctuation for German:
punctuation by voice in German

Note also that to eliminate the space before the period, you must add one more replacement: from ” .” to “.” (from space + mark to mark), as is done in line 217 in the above example. This is true for the “comma” replacement too. Pay attention that the replacement 217 follows the 206, and replacement 218 follows the 204. (The Id of replacement for “,” must be greater than Id for replacement “Komma” and so on)

9 thoughts on “Punctuation by voice

  1. farrokh alemzadeh

    Thanks for developing this wonderful software. I have not tried all the features but it does recognize my speech just as good as Dragon, if not better, even with my accent. I would even pay for it as this is the only thing on chrome that actually allows dictation within the boxes on a web site.
    It is because of this that I will keep my Chromebook rather than going back to a lap top.
    Best of luck in your venture.
    Dr Alemzadeh, Irvine, CA

  2. Yusuf Akcan

    Can you give a list of voice commands , replacing yourself some useful keyboard functions.

    For example

    new line \n
    big letter #1#

    from your tutorials I have only noticed these two above
    what about


    please can you give a list for them so that we can put into the settings

    thanks in advance

    1. admin Post author

      There are some punctuation replacements for English implemented by default. You can see the them as tooltips on the punctuation buttons. So, for example, for space it is Space mark.

      Also, there are two ways to implement voice commands in any language, all are available after registration in the user account:
      1. Word replacement list (terms page in the user account);
      2. Voice commands page in the user account.

      Word replacement list can help to implement punctuation (for example, square bracket etc.);
      implement command to upper case the next letter (big letter #1#);
      implement voice shortcuts (only in OS integration mode). For example: caps lock, alt shift, and others. Unfortunatly the state of caps lock do not effect for the spoken text.

      Voice commands page has the more important voice commands. For example, the backspace command, or the command to change speech recognition language. You can choose the key words for these commands your self.

  3. Jane

    I have 2 issues I. I don’t know how to pay for SP, I would like a years subsription. #2 I can not understand the instructions, is there a way to get written ones.

    Please let me know the answers.

    1. admin Post author

      What for do you want to pay? I do not recommend you to pay if you do not understand intructions. Ask your questions and I will to answer you. What instruction do not you understand? You can ask your question directly to email, or use new feature – google group. See https://speechpad.pw/contacts.php.

  4. Torres

    Hi guys. I found this app is absolutely amazing. I used it perfectly before, but not it appears “Confidence level error: network”, although the internet connection is good, I can watch movies online. Can you guys tell me how to fix it? As it seems to me that the internet connection is not the real problem.

    Your help will be much appreciated.

    Torres from Vietnam.

    1. admin Post author

      You can see also error network in confidence level field if you Chrome is broken somewhere. The way to fix this situation is reinstalling Chrome browser.

  5. Abdulkadir Yilgin

    Is it possible to have “replacements” function on voicenotebook website as in android phones?


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