A new utility for converting subtitles to speech

Tools for text to speech conversion

New tools SRT Speaker and TTS Picker has been added to site. These tools can be usefull to voice video or text.

SRT Speaker

A new tool, SRT Speaker has been added to Voicenotebook.com site. The utility is designed for converting and debugging subtitles in SubRip (SRT) format in the real time to speech.

The tool can be used with voice notebook transcription module for creating video clips in foreign languages. For example, I can make a video clip in Russian, then transcribe it, and translate the subtitles to English. Then I can play the English subtitles in SRTspeaker, and record audio with the help of the virtual audio cable and any sound recorder. After that, I can change the audio track of my video to the new audio with the help of the video editor.

You can see the example of this technology in this video.

TTS Picker

A Chrome application TTS Picker allows to select paragraph and read it by the choosen voice.
утилита TTS Picker

You can set keyboard shortcuts for the buttons in chrome://extensions/ page.

2 thoughts on “A new utility for converting subtitles to speech

  1. Darshan Bhanushali

    I want to convert srt in ‘hindi’ language to audio in hindi.
    I was able to do that using SRT Speaker. But the TTS skipped few lines, it showed this error in the error box.
    “TTS is busy”

    Please help.

    Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      This mean that you start the next sentence when the previous is processed by tts. You must change the start time of the next sentence. Look also to Trace window it can help you too.


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