Integration with Windows, Linux OS and Mac OS

The text bellow is for Windows integration, see also in Linux integration and Mac integration.

Why Integration

Integration allows you to enter text directly into applications running on Windows: Word, Excel, (all) browsers , etc. (any windows which supports text entry from the keyboard). The voice notebook window can be minimized during the process, and the use of Chrome shortcuts allows this window to be independent of other browser windows. Chrome does not even have to be the default browser.

3-minute Install

1. Install the voice notebook extension from the Chrome webstore.

2. Download the Windows integration module, unzip to a folder on the Windows desktop and run install_host.bat in this folder.

3. Register in and login to the site.
Login to site

4. Go to user account (the link will appear) and press the Try it! button.

5. Go again to (close others browser tabs with this page if there are any) and refresh the page. Check the OS integration checkbox and select your language from drop-down list, then press the Start recording button.

6. Go into Word or another application and start your dictation.

7. If you like and want to continue using integration after your free trial, then make an order!.

More information

Since version 6.6 the voice notebook extension can be integrated with Windows OS with the help of an additional module. Integration is a paid service and the service is available only in authorized mode (i.e., when the user is logged in).

Each registered user can try it for free for two days. You can turn on the trial period in the user profile page. Then you can order the service through the paypal buttons in the user acount.

It costs:
1 month – $2.5 USD
3 month – $7 USD
12 month – $16 USD

To install the integration module, you must download the zip archive (updated 01.06.2017), unzip it to a folder on your disk (but do not leave it in the default download folder) and run install_host.bat from this folder. (To remove this module if you do not want to use integration anymore – run uninstall_host.bat and then delete its folder.)

After installation of this module, when you open site you will see, than the OS integration checkbox is enabled, but turned off.

Set the integration checkbox

You must go to the user profile page to turn on the test period or order the service. To try integration press Try it! button.

Try button

After pressing the Try it! button the zeroes in the Paid date column will be changed to the expiration date for the free trial.

Paid date changed

You can use the Try it! button only once, further work is possible only upon purchase.

Using the integration mode

After starting the free trial, navigate once again to the main Speech Pad page. Check the OS integration checkbox and select your language from drop-down list, then press the Start recording button. Now if you open any windows application and begin voice input – the spoken text will appear at the caret position in the application.

There are some additional settings in the Speech Pad extension: keyboard shortcuts to start and stop voice recognition, and ability to add one extra space to the end or beginning of each spoken phrase.
space control

See extension help for more information.


Problem: The OS integration checkbox is greyed out and it won’t let me check it.

1. Close all other windows and leave only one window. Refresh this window – if the integration is still gray go to step 2.
2. Check that the extension is installed – you must see Speech Pad icon in the right corner of your browser. If it not installed – install it. Refresh page. If the checkbox is still gray go to step 3.
3. So, your integration module is not installed properly. Download integration module and unzip it to the folder in your desktop. Run install_host.bat in this folder. Refresh page – the integration checkbox will be enabled.

How to ask support

To ask support in OS integration, please describe your problem and provide two screenshots:
1. window. The right and left browser window must be visible and most controls on the page, too.
2. Screenshot of running install_host.bat must be provided.

Recent changes

Use voice input to activate Windows shortcuts.

Restart on Error checkbox is now invisible and checked by default

Updates archive

Trial versions

26.05.2015 – If “new line” is spoken at the beginning of a phrase , output now processes a carriage return

07.06.2015 – Compilation with Windows XP support

09.06.2015 – Reflect extension changes

09.06.2015 21:08 – Digitally signed

18.06.2015 – Changes for “Backspace” command processing

Working versions

20.06.2015 – Time limit is removed (trial version works until 21.06.2015)

11.10.2015 – A bug that was seen in Viber and Telegram messengers has been fixed

27.02.2016 – A functionality to show voice notebook window on Top of others

06.03.2016 – Support for voice shortcuts in Windows

03.12.2016 – Update for working with Chrome version >= 55

04.12.2016 – The module works now in any version of Chrome

01.06.2017 – Renew digital cerificate

24 thoughts on “Integration with Windows, Linux OS and Mac OS

  1. cattledogit

    After clicking “Try it” just now, the checkbox says “OS integration (till 2015-06-25)”, but the box can’t be checked.

    Please also provide details about pricing and how to pay.

    1. admin Post author

      You must download and install windows integration module, and relaod the page, then the checkbox will be available.

  2. cattledogit

    The 7.3 version doesn’t currently capitalize the first word of sentences using OS integration or Transfer to clipboard. It does work correctly in the Resulting field, and I’m pretty sure it did work correctly in an earlier version of the OS integration.

    Also, what is the purpose of speechpad connecting to It seems to work the same with that connection blocked.

    1. admin Post author – the web stat system (like google analytics). I works now with capitalize of first letters. , I will release the 7.4 of the extension very soon. Thank you for your suggestion.

  3. Joseph Reagle

    I’d love to see Linux integration. Windows already has native speech and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

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  5. Sameh Ragab

    I started my trial today but it is very slow and does not work as should!! Something is indeed wrong and I tried both Arabic and English!

    1. admin Post author

      This field shows the error message (it can be useful). I do not think that the accuracy level is useful for transcription – you must check the result yourself

  6. Manolis Votsis

    It gets stuck after I use it some time.

    It is because I have not paid it, even though it logs in
    Also the OS integration button is off.
    And I haven;t used it with chrome.


    if this is the reason, let me know where to pay you. Send me an email.

    1. admin Post author

      >>It is because I have not paid it, even though it logs in

      There is a two day trial period and if you have used it you must pay for use the integration

      >>And I haven;t used it with chrome

      all the functionality of the voice notebook will works correctly only in chrome

      >>if this is the reason, let me know where to pay you

      when you log in in the voice notebook you will see orange link to the user account – press this link and you will see paypal buttons for paying.


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