Linux integration – direct voice input in Ubuntu and others Linux

What is Linux integration

This post about Linux OS, also see articles about Windows integration and Mac integration.

Linux integration allows voice typing directly to Linux application.


1. Install Google Chrome browser.

2. Install the voice notebook extension from the Chrome webstore.

3. Download the Linux integration module suitable to your Linux: module for 32 bit Linux from 07.11.2016,module for 64 bit Linux from 07.11.2016. Unzip to a folder, check the executable permissions of the and run this bash script (do not use sudo, you must run the script as user).

4. Register in and login to the site.
Login to site

5. Go to user account (the link will appear) and press the Try it! button.

6. Go again to (close others browser tabs with this page if there are any) and refresh the page. Check the OS integration checkbox and select your language from drop-down list, then press the Start recording button.

7. Go into Gedit or another application and start your dictation.

8. If you like and want to continue using integration after your free trial, then make an order!.

Install speech input module in Ubuntu

Remove the module

If you do not want to use integration module follow these steps: check the executable permissions of the script in the Linux integration module folder and run this script, then remove the folder.

Using the Linux integration mode

Using the Linux integration is similar to using Windows integration, except that the speech input depends of the keyboard state of your computer. So, for example, if you have two languages support in your computer, you must switch your keyboard layout to desired language and then dictate text in that language. Also this language must be default for your system (first in the keyboard layout list), it is true for the most of Linux (in Ubuntu it does not matter).

The voice shortcuts feature is not implemented in the Linux integration module.

Version history

13.06.2016. First release.

05.11.2016. Severe bug has been resolved.

07.11.2016. Improved punctuation and numbers handling.

6 thoughts on “Linux integration – direct voice input in Ubuntu and others Linux

  1. Daniel Garavito

    Great Work

    Just i Need!

    I Try to install the os integration in Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 64-bit
    and the console return 7: [: Linux: unexpected operator
    Can you help me??

    Again Great Work!


    1. admin Post author

      It seems to me that you have not bash in your system. Some other shell started. Check that you bash command start bash shell, and then use: bash ./

      1. Daniel Garavito

        Thanks for the answer, I cant make it, i descompress the folder, open in a terminal and execute as root sh, 7: [: Linux: unexpected operator
        mkdir: cant create the directory «»: No existe el fichero o el directorio

        Can you help me?

        1. admin Post author

          I think the sh command not to call bash shell, but some another shell. Check that bash shell exists and run this script by bash shell.

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