Speech recognition stucks periodically

15.11.2016. Users say that the bug has been corrected by Google now, so I add the “disabled” item in the select list. Setting this parameter to 0 in the URL will disable it automatically – https://voicenotebook.com/?maxsymb=0.

Since 15.12.2015 there is a problem in Speech Recognition services based on Google Chrome. After some time of dictation, depended of the language (i.e. about 300 symbols of text for Russian and about 1000 symbols of text for English), voice recognition stucks for 30-40 or more seconds.

Users can press Start/Stop recording button to restart recognition in VoiceNotebook in dictating mode.

We open a bug in the chromium group.

24.12.2015. Made some changes in our code to bypass this problem. May be you need to press Ctrl + F5 in Voicenotebook.com to refresh the page, and new changes take effect.

01.04.2015. Add a drop-down list Number of symbols before restart. This setting determines the number of symbols transferred to the output field before speech recognition will be restarted. Set this number to smaller if recognition stuck periodically.

You can set this number in the URL, using the maxsymb parameter, i.e. https://voicenotebook.com/?maxsymb=50.

4 thoughts on “Speech recognition stucks periodically

  1. Rev. Richard Ahrens

    I am sorry I just do not understand to set this app. Do have to download something am I missing a speechpad if so how do get one? I am 65 years only been on a computer for a year. I’m lost I read what to do I just don’t see how to do it.

  2. RGS

    Speechpad voice notebook malfunction. Ubuntu Mate chromium. It was working perfectly but now nothing. Once activated it makes my screen blink constantly.

    1. admin Post author

      The last update of Chromium not works with speech recognition. Customers wrote to support and I am waiting for response. If you have Ubuntu 64 you can install Chrome browser – it works. But 32 bit Linux do not support Chrome browser.


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